Easy Tutorial Nail Art for Beginners

With a tutorial nail art that is easy for you to follow, you can expand your horizon. Nail art can be described as an add-on service that is great and one that can bring you extra income. It also makes your services to be more memorable in the minds of your clients. For you to be able to create designs that are eye-catching, you do not have to have a natural artistic talent. With the steps-by steps that are easy to follow, you will be able to get started.

One of the designs that you can do is neon hearts. The first step is to cover the nails with black acrylic. This is followed by applying clear acrylic before filing and buffing. Start to create 3-D hearts by use of different neon colors. This is followed by adding more hearts, rhinostones, followed by applying UV top followed by the cure process.

Terrific Tie-Dye is another design and you should start by applying a thin layer which is of light elegance Perfect White and you should not cure. A strip brush is dipped in LE Gel polish that is in Purple Lollipop followed by dragging it diagonally. The same process is repeated with LE Gel Polish that is in Soda Pop Pink and do not cure.

The diagonal motion that was done in the first step should be repeated using LE Hula Hoop Orange followed by electric Yellow and then Neon Green and do not cure. A striping brush is dragged from one corner to the outer part and do not cure. The brush should continue being dragged in between every line but in an opposite direction and should be towards the nail’s corner part. The curing should take two minutes, followed by LE Top Gloss, and cure.

Swoop & Sparkles is the third design and the first step is polishing the nail blue. Using a striper brush, together with yellow polish, make three swooping lines using the yellow. Using a striper brush together with sparkly pink brush, you should add swooping pink lines. Using a dotting tool, together with white polish, add 2 sets of dots that are white and apply a top coat.

With not quite Pink-and white design, start by polishing the free edge using white to create French. Add three triangles by use of pink polish and striper brush. One is placed the centre of white color, while two are placed below it. The triangles touch the smile line’s centre part. Using black polish and striper brush highlight the borders. This also helps split the sections that are white into smaller pieces. By use of a black polish and a dotter, a dot is placed in each pink triangle and this also helps create a black triangle which is open. the nest step is to apply a coat.

Other designs of tutorials nail art whose are available online include orangesicle Art, Slanted Love, and Pink Argle. The above tutorials were developed by different people with special interest in this area.  

Learning about Nail Art Animal Print
The tutorial that is provided here is that of a design that is based on the 1+1 video by Beyonce
Asian nail art designs
Asian nail art designs include a wide variety of nail designs.
Hot pink and zebra nails
Nail art is becoming more famous. There are different designs available. They can be easily made in home. These designs include flower designs, zebra designs, tiger designs etc. Infact, you can create design by yourself.