Yukiro Dravarious about Asian Nail Art designs

Yukiro Dravarious is someone that everyone bows to because of coming up with the evil genius nail art of Japanese. It is hard to believe that he did a numerous number of intricate designs on his own hands using his own hands. How he managed to it is still a mystery to many people.

According to Yukiro Dravarious, he uses nail polishes whose sources are the 100 yen stores in Tokyo. He has more than 40 colors with him and he has experimented with nail art for a number of years. His experience is that it is not as hard as it appears to be. His advice is that patience is importance and you should work on one finger at a time, precisely and slowly.

The first step is to paint a hardening polish’s layer in order for the foundation of the nail not to shutter and for it to remain steady. The first step is done using a basic color. Wait for this layer to dry out completely before starting with the next layer. When you have proper knowledge of the material, you may try mixing your materials together with the aim of achieving results that are more complex. However, as a beginner, it is better for you to take your time and keep it simple.

When you are done with the layered design, put the top coat over the nails so that the result is stronger. If you intend to incorporate diamonds and jewels, they should be glued on last. The reason is that it will be difficult for you to remove them by use of the nail polish remover.

Many ladies claim that Yukiro’s nails do not break with ease as theirs. The fact is that boys have stronger nails than girls.

With regard to inspiration, Yukiro reveals that he tries to match his nail art with special occasions or outfits. For example, when Halloween is near, he paints the nails in pumpkins that are orange and black in color. When he intends to wear a green wig, the base that he starts with is greenish.

Yukiro’s advice is that whenever you paint the nails, try out something new. Just as with makeup, you will find it hard when you start doing nail decoration but with time, it gets easier. When you go out, purchase nail polish that you feel is nice and practice making the Asian nail art designs.

Many people have been impressed by Yukiro harajuku’s style of nail decoration. Therefore, they have found themselves trying out nail art. The other source inspiration is the photos that are available online that are varieties of intricate nail art designs. Some of the people that have been inspired by Yokuro’s work have even posted the results that they have achieved by experimenting with nail polishes. Some of the photos are available in the social sites like Twitter and Face book.

Even if you do not feel creative, you can learn how to create the Asian nail art designs with Yukiro’s as the source of inspiration. 

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