Learning about Nail Art Animal Print

The tutorial that is provided here is that of a design that is based on the 1+1 video by Beyonce and it done in a way that the end result is look that is classic and retro. The advantage with this tutorial is that in addition to the nail animal print a half moon that is red is also included.

1) The first step is to cut 5 paper reinforcements into halves.

2) The next step is applying the base coat followed by placing the half hole reinforcement so that it is at the base of the nail.

3) This is followed by applying a base color which can be the beige crème and this immediately after you have applied the base color.

4) You can then remove the reinforcements. Use tweezers to avoid damaging the nail polish as you peel the papers off.

5) The end result is a half moon shape that is perfect.

By use of a small detail brush together with red crème, fill in your half moon carefully. This makes the half moon design complete and you can now start working on the leopard print.

By use of the doting tool and gold polish, you can now don’t on irregular shapes randomly, and of different sizes. By use of the detail brush and brown crème, have the shapes outlined with C, O shapes, and U. make the shapes imperfect and jagged in for them to appear realistic. where there are spaces in between the s[pots, introduce shapes that are irregular by use of the brown crème. when the design is dry, add a top coat of your choice. the aim is to make the design last longer in addition to smoothening out any ridges and bumps. the nails will also acquire a shine that is good.

In order for you to be able to do interesting work, it is important that you first practice the design on a piece of paper until you master the technique. For better practice, you can buy a mannequin hand.

The other tutorial that you can use to make the leopard print starts by applying a ridge filler or base coat.

1) You may begin with hot pink polish or a color that is similar.

2) On each nail, paint 2 coats and let it dry. Use any opaque red or Nubar Sensual Red to make about 5 random spots using a nail polish brush. If red fail to stand out, use a color that is deeper.

3) The third step is to bring the feline frenzy creation into life. Using a detailed brush that is fine that has been dipped in nail polish or nail polish and start outlining the spots created.

4) When they are dry you can finish off using a top coat. You can introduce creativity by making the lines messy or wavy.

5) The last step is finishing using a top coat that is glossy.

Note that what you can come up with when making nail animal print can only be limited by your own creativity. Through creativity, you can come up with intricate designs. 

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