How to get blonde hair at home

If are on a tight budget, you do not have time to visit a salon, or are unhappy with the way it is done in a salon the goodness is that you can dye your blonde hair color at home. The disadvantage with salon highlights is that they take a lot of time, and they cost a lot of money yet there is no guarantee that you will get the look that you desire. One of the looks that you can adopt with ease is that of light bright blonde that is neutral.

Even if you opt to do it at home, you need to note that you must choose the color wisely. Even if your friend looks great for having dyed the hair to a certain color, there is no guarantee that you will appear equally stunning by dyeing your hair to a similar color.

When going lighter from dark brown in order for the hair to be med light red, the shampoo has to be mixed with the ten developer. It is then left on your head for some time with the aim of lighting the base. When the hair is slightly darker than the color it will adopt before you dye, this process will work. When fall is approaching, it is advisable to go for a color like strawberry blonde during Fall season.

The best hair color is one from L O’real because it leaves the hair in a condition that is beautiful. The hair also tends to shimmer with highlights. If you are the kind of person who is stickler about roots, you must apply the color after every three weeks. For some individuals, they prefer Feria products for blondes. Feria has an entire blonde line. Just as with products from other manufacturers, you must the color that matches with your preference. Revlon Color silk is the other range of products that have been tried out and they are said to have given great results. The light blonde shades are of a wide range making it easy for you to suit the one that you prefer in addition to matching your hair color. The customers who prefer Revlon products claim that the hair remains in good condition because the product does not contain Ammonia.

One of the things that makes L O’real to be outstanding is the new frost kit has an application tip that can fits on the finger. The application tip can be used about a month prior to applying an all-over color. When doing the all over color, you need to concentrate on the hair roots.   

The above method of applying the highlights is newer and easier. The tip for application has an appearance of a finger brush and therefore you can brush it down that is close to hair roots. However, for more desirable results, ensure that that you learn more about the method of highlighting

Even if being able to apply the coloring at home requires you to learn, if you follow the instructions that are provided, you will not damage your hair. 

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