Brown hair with blonde extensions

It is now an established fact that women with blonde hair are felt more sexually appealing and that is only the reason why different celebrities have turned their brown hair with blonde extensions just to be the demand of silver screen. More and more women now tend to adopt this beauty secret just to be the center of attention by many. So, why not you! You can also get this stunning look and turn into a star with no effort and no hassle. Just a slight combination of brown hair with blond extensions can win you the same appeal that blond ladies enjoy.

Have you decided to give you an adorable appearance? Are you going to weave your brown hair with blonde extensions? It is not as difficult as you think. Time has gone when you had to depend upon hair dyes and bleaches that are hazardous too for your hair texture. Now extensions give you an easy treat with their easy installation and usage. And most pleasing side is you can get a lot of shades in blonde to match your brown hair with blonde extensions in more natural and realistic way. Whether it is golden blonde, strawberry blonde, platinum blonde or ash blonde, pick up your desired shade that suits your hair the most. Moreover, it is also easier to add volume and length to your hair with these extensions. If your hairs have got a slow growth, or you want to adorn your brown hair with blonde extensions, solutions are handier than ever!

Once you are sure about wearing a completely new personality with hair extensions, you need to consider various application means with an expert hair stylist and discuss how you can blend your brown hair with blonde extensions. Normally there are two options in form of wefts and strands. Wefts (made of human or synthetic hair) are to be attached to your head in between your own hairs. These wefts come in handmade or machine made form, where the handmade form is preferred. On the other hand in strand method you have to apply 20 to 30 or even more strands depending upon your hair thickness. It gives more natural look and more flexibility to adjust your hair volume accordingly.

The next most important point you need to consider is types of hairs used to make different blonde extensions. Carefully differentiate between natural and synthetic hair extensions and all their pros and cons. It will let you get the best deal for the money you invest in. Identify your hair texture and imagine your brown hair with blonde extensions with their all available types and colors before going to market to make your purchase. You will get different advantages and disadvantages with both real and synthetic hair extensions. Synthetic extensions are though cheap but extra shiny and at times unrealistic while real hair extensions are pricey with their high quality and texture. So, weigh out both options with your requirements and go for the best one.

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