Learning about Natural Blonde Color

Before defining what is blonde, you must understand the reason behind the color that is seen on hair. The natural blonde color pigment of the hair is within the cortex. The natural color of the hair is black or brown.

As a professional salon, when preparing a formula for hair color, the first step is to establish the level of the natural color. It is easy to determine the natural level by looking at the swatch books that manufacturers provide. When you have learnt the process of coloring the hair, it becomes easy to determine the most suitable natural blonde color.  

Blondes have greater fun and salon professionals that have the ability to produce the most natural, the cleanest, and blonde hair color that is fabulous while preserving the shine, health, and the hair’s elasticity realize more success. 

For a long time, organic color systems have had a reputation that is associated with production of blonde results that are cleanest. Through combination of a formulation that is revolutionary and one that is of certified oils, extracts and PH adjusters that are both gentle and accurate. Organic color systems tend to provide colors that are cleanest, and in a way that is organic, natural, and safest.

"In order for clients to have that natural blonde color that has a professional touch, the best option is organic color systems."

When you decide to go blonde, there are a number of things that you must consider. For example, in a salon, when the client is of level 5 in terms of being light brown, or medium brown which is level 4, the lifting up cannot be successful when done in a single process color. For such color to be used, the client must be one that desires a coppery blonde that is golden and very warm. Dark brown of level 3 must not have exposure to light or medium blonde color if the client is not after color orange.

Note that vibrant red hair has a look that is healthy and natural. For women, it enhances quality which tends to encapsulate vitality, energy, youth, spunky and spontaneous attitude. Most of the salons that are professional use natural hair color which is the organic color systems. Organic color systems are great in terms of achieving hair that is healthy.

There are clients who visit salons because they are in need of color correction. Such clients come when their hair is in a condition that is poor and the hair may have degraded following multiple chemical processes and treatments. The most important thing for you as a professional is to make the client understand that the correction will not occur instantly. It requires several visits to your salon for the hair color correction to be done.

In order for clients to have that natural blonde color that has a professional touch, the best option is organic color systems. The system has oil-delivery system that is unique and you will not need to blast or swell the cuticle through the use of ammonia which is very toxic. Instead, the cuticle is softened by the soya oil; the cuticle is opened by gentle heat, making the color to be delivered into hair shaft. The results here are permanent. 

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