What? Wet! The hairstyle that never goes out of fashion!

Hairstyles in 2012 have one thing in common; they all have a wet look hair finish. These are expected to be adopted in 2013. The popularity of wet look hair is due to the fact that it can be given different styles with little changes. Wet look hair is mostly seen on different runway shows. Most of the celebs used this styling on various shows. Wet look hair can be given different styles like Slicked back top or half wet half dry , Semi wet with side part. Any length of hair can be given half wet half dry style.

Usually, straight and wavy hair is good for this type of styling. If hair is too curly then they can be straightened first before applying this style. It can be made in a number of ways. Redken’s Guido Palau in rag and bone’s show created combination of soft and tough hair for wet and dry portions. Spray was used on damp hair, next half of hair was curled. At Victoria Beckham’s spring 2013 show, Redken’s team applied blow drying on the top section of hair.

Wet look hair can be given different styles like Slicked back top or half wet half dry , Semi wet with side part. Any length of hair can be given "half wet half dry style".

To maintain slick, firm top and the rest was given style with dry shampoo. It gave airy texture to the hair. Semi wet with side part is also going to take place in 2013. It is not a surprise that most of spring 2013 runways will have wet look hair. At Elie Saab’s spring 2013 runway, side parted hair was seen very much. At Mugler spring 2013, the wet-look hair with side part was represented in a different way. Their stylist left some hair to dry naturally while some were sprayed by Phyto Phytolaque Soie Hair Spray which gave a wet look. It is important to use some good gel in order to maintain sleek wet look hair. Without gel, they become sticky. By using gel they go chic. Make sections of hair and apply gel.

Comb hair with the gel through. Use paddle brush and a dryer for wrapping your hair around your head while blow-drying. Repeat this process in opposite direction and you will get sleek hair. In order to slick chignon, straighten your hair. Use blow dry hair with paddle brush to have straight hair. Now apply gel to dry hair. Be sure that you have applied gel on every portion of dry hair. Now manage your hair in low ponytail. In the end, wrap your hair around the ponytail to give a bun shape. Your chignon is ready.

Wet look hair can be made with quite ease. It is usually advisable to consult hairstylist if you are new to this type of hair. Gel is an important part in wet look hair. Either of the above mentioned style can be obtained but with the proper use of gel. Gel gives a firm look to dry hair. Take either of the style freely. These are free flowing styles with either half wet half dry or semi wet with side part.


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