What you need to know about Hair Toner Colors

A quick and easy way of adding depth and tones that are darker to orange-red or flaming red hair is toning it down.  Toner hair color, which is a semi-permanent color application will change color safely without damaging the hair which is common with the traditional permanent color. When you apply toner, you can easily notice that the hair looks healthier and shinier. If you intend to go back to the natural red what you need to do is wait for several weeks; toner tends to shampoo out over 3 to 4 weeks.

Shopping for toner is not always easy because toner is popularly referred to as color. Therefore, if what you want is toner, there are high chances that you will leave the beauty supply with nothing. Toner is just but the normal hair color that is mixed with weak color developer (5-volume). Hairs glossing-treatments tend utilize 5-volume color developer and this ensures that your hair is not damaged by the toner. In order to identify your toner, the first step is to a bottle of color of your preferred brand and the next step will be to identify an appropriate developer.

Note that your hair should not experience the color change dramatically when you use a toner. Toner is meant to tweak it a little. The 5-volume developer when used with a toner application, it will push the color’s tone gently into the shaft of the hair and the process does not involve the damaging chemicals excessively. Toners get wacky to some extent if you attempt doing too much using it. You must not try to lighten or darken your highlights by use of toner. The toner that you use should be of the same level as the lightness or darkness of your hair.

"Caramel, strawberry blonde, and golden blonde happen as a result of using toners that tend to enhance color instead of correcting color. Toners that have certain base colors are the ones that enhance color."

Regardless of whether your tresses are golden or platinum, no blonde should not opt for hay-bale yellow. Tone can be a source trouble because blonde hair can go brassy for example due to UV damage and heat styling.  For the unwanted yellow and for the sultry blonde to be cranked up the best hair toner is the one that is designed for blondies in particular.

There are times when you may visit the beauty supply and fail to find a product with the label “toner”. In such a case, you can just go for semi-permanent hair dye. Many of these hair dyes last for 24-48 shampoos. Since they do not contain ammonia or an excess amount of peroxide, they will not lighten your hair. All they do is to add a dose of the color that you desire to the hair strands. In order for the yellow color to be neutralized, the best box is one of ash blonde. When the ash color gets to the light locks, you will have bright blonde locks that have a fresh look. 

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